Youth Leadership Advancement

78 per cent of the Kenyan population is under 35 years old, youth can change the voting profile of the country, if they can craft a focused strategy that appreciates the fact that leadership is inextricably linked to their well being.

By setting clear and long term agendas, the youth convention should take a deliberate action to lay foundation on which to elect future leaders who will rhyme with their inspirations and influence policies that will provide resources they need to fulfill their potential.

One of the key elements of this is the quality education – the opportunity to attend school and acquire necessary skills. They will also require opportunities to meaningfully participate in nation building in a manner that guarantees them dignity.

Today, official statistics show that Kenya’s unemployment rate stands at 40 per cent. Sadly, seven out of every 10 people who are jobless are youth, who also constitute 60 per cent of Kenya’s population. We must therefore ensure that leaders work for us and not the other way round like it has been the case for a long time.

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